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                     Dedicated to Innovation

                    At King Machine & Tool, our complete range of capabilities and extensive experience have allowed us to take on high-profile projects from a wide range of industries. We build, test and assemble automation equipment for aerospace, medical, plastics, hydraulics, bearings, motorsports and landscaping industries.

                    Whether your application involves high-volume production, or a complex prototype, or small-run micro machining to exacting tolerances — count on King for rapid quoting, shorter lead times, quick turnaround, competitive pricing and expedited delivery.

                    Samples of Work

                    • Machined Parts
                    • Tool & Die
                    • Extrusion Dies
                    • Gauges and Fixtures
                    • Mold Components
                    • Prototypes
                    • Production

                    Industries Served:
                    • Aerospace
                    • Plastics
                    • Medical Technology
                    • Motorsports
                    • Landscaping
                    • Food Processing

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